Tears in a Bottle: A Faint Reflection of Riddles Book 3

“Charles, I had to move the key. You know where it is. Go get it…for God’s sake, get it or all will be lost.”

But, Charles didn’t hear Helen Marshall’s last words whispered urgently from her hospice bed. Just her husband Tommy—the bassist for the Aaron Perry Trio. And Tommy has no idea who Charles is or what he has to do with Helen.

Who was Charles? A lover? And, what key was she talking about? Perhaps the key to an apartment rented secretly for their trysts?

Only one person can help Tommy Marshall unravel the mystery, Aaron’s best friend, Jake Moriarity. However, Jake has problems of his own. With Cassie’s husband, Michael, fighting for his life in an Emergency Room in Jacksonville, Florida, Jake needs to be with his niece.

A cryptic death bed utterance.

A man on the run, who runs right into the middle of the Russian mob, and their most ruthless assassin, carrying with him a secret that could bring down their entire West Coast human trafficking operation.

A life hanging in the balance.

And Jake Moriarity, trying once again to save the world, when Cassie’s world is caving in.

From Portland, Oregon, to Orange County, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, “Tears in a Bottle” is a furiously paced, wild ride of an adventure filled with one unforeseen twist after another culminating in the most shocking conclusion of any Jake Moriarity novel to date. 

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