The Haunts Of Cruelty

In a place haunted by death, Jake Moriarity faces an enemy who refuses to die.

On the trail of his most hated enemy, Jake Moriarity is deep in the Amargosa Desert. He is cut off from the FBI team that inserted him, severely wounded, running on empty and apparently hallucinating, because he just shot Paul Morgan in the head with a 12-gauge and then watched him get up and walk away.

Open door

Paul Morgan, the man single-handedly responsible for causing Jake’s niece Cassie to become addicted to heroin, and then setting her up as his main girl in a Seattle escort service.

Paul Morgan, who has now kidnapped Cassie and is threatening to kill her while forcing Jake to watch.

Paul Morgan, whose life Jake should have ended when he had the chance, but didn’t—a decision that has now come back to haunt him…cruelly.

In the Amargosa, life is hard—it’s kill or be killed. Only, Paul Morgan refuses to die.

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