Watercolor Dreams Second Edition

watercolordreams_CoverSometimes the devil shows his face. And sometimes that face is an artfully crafted disguise well-known to the public. Crooked Las Vegas politician, Harry Olivetti, wears that face. Vanessa Phillips also has a face. It’s a face no eighteen year-old should ever have to wear. She knows a secret about Harry Olivetti’s son, and it’s a secret worth killing for.

Stalked by two professional hitmen, Vanessa is out of time and running out of places to hide on the streets of Pacific Beach in San Diego. She knows in her soul that she won’t last another day without a miracle, and it has become abundantly clear that the God of her childhood is fresh out. Jake Moriarity is a lost soul whose business it is to find lost things. And he’s good at his job—maybe better than anyone else in the world. The FBI certainly believes it to be true making him the highest paid and most successful missing person’s consultant in the bureau’s history. But it’s more than just skill. Jake has something extra that allows him to see details in a manner unavailable to most. When Jake determines to take on Vanessa Phillips’ case, he sees something…but it’s like a watercolor painting that has been left out in the rain with all the colors running together. Something is there, but exactly what is unclear. All he knows is that Vanessa is in trouble and that he has to find her. Should he fail, her life will be forfeit.

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