The Wood Between the Worlds


An obscure and ancient Turkish church where, if legend is to be believed, thousands have been healed of all manner of disease and injury by simply walking through a door and into a small, candle-lit chamber.

A renowned archeological team from a prominent Pacific Northwest university who have uncovered an ancient manuscript claiming to lead its possessor to a relic, the discovery of which would be the single greatest archeological find in history.

A clandestine conclave of nine incalculably wealthy men ensconced in an obscure Swiss chalet. Their focus is also consumed with unearthing this selfsame relic. For in their possession, the geopolitical, financial and ecumenical global landscape will be altered…shaken to its very core, with everything falling into their avaricious and diabolical hands.

And Jake Moriarity in a desperate life and death race to secure the relic before The Nine. What’s required is a clear-cut strategy. What he has is nothing more than a faint reflection of riddles. But even if he has to kill in order to bring it about, the relic must be protected…for it is The Wood Between the Worlds.

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