The Voices In My Head


Danny Gans poured his life into everything he loved—his family, his faith, his career and his city.

Sadly, the day after this book was finished, Danny died. His was a life well lived, and he leaves behind a story worth telling.

This is that story.

From the dust and freshly cut grass smells of the baseball diamond, to the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip you will see the portrait of a man whose uncommon gifts as a comedian, impressionist and consummate entertainer were equally matched by a good, true and generous heart.

Love and loss, friendship and betrayal, glory and pain, all color the rich palate of his life.

Danny Gans, “The Man of Many Voices!”

Although his voice has been silenced, his legacy lives on.

R.G. Ryan

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When you think of Danny Gans the first thing you think of is entertainer. The second word you think of is best. He is Las Vegas, and he was Las Vegas, and he will always be Las Vegas.

— Larry King

Danny Gans … worked tirelessly to entertain his audience and even harder to help the underprivileged in Las Vegas. With his loss, the world is a sadder place.

— Andre Agassi

Not only was he the best in his field, but he was such a kind and loving person.

— Celine Dion

Beyond his spot-on impressions, Danny Gans will be remembered for the impression he left as an entertainer, a humanitarian, and family man and friend.

— Louie Anderson

We’ve lost an amazing entertainer. His friendship, charisma and talent will be greatly missed.

— Donny & Marie Osmond

7 thoughts on “The Voices In My Head

  1. Mr. Ryan:
    I just finished Danny’s book that arrived in my mail on Saturday. Very well done. An easy read and really enjoyed it. I had the fantastic opportunity to see Danny’s show at the Mirage on approximately 3-4 different occasions. Never tired of his tremendous Show. Would still be going today if he was still with us. Please tell me that someone is thinking of making a television or movie production of his Life story. It is desperately needed in today’s world. No one can hear his underlying message enough, which to me is simple, In God We Trust! Not only is this message for the younger generations it is necessary for our Government to hear as they have strayed from this path! We will all be paying for this terrible mistake in the near future, I fear. Has the subject been raised about making a movie following his book? Anxious to hear back from you on this.
    Nick B. Michale, Overland Park, KS.

  2. Hello Mr Ryan: I just obtained a copy of Voices in My Head late June 2011 and really enjoyed it. His loss is tragic.
    Thank you for writing the book and give us an insight into all the challenges he faced in his life and how he overcame them. Also all his triumphs
    One area I didnt see covered, that I was interested in, was how he approached learning/creating a new impression. Did he describe his method to you at all? Or will this forever remain a mystery.
    Thanks alot.
    Bill Parker

    • Bill,

      So glad you enjoyed the book. Creating new impressions was approached like everything else in Danny’s life…meticulously, strategically and painstakingly. It involved a lengthy process of tonal nuances, inflections, body language, facial idiosyncrasies…and then Danny would add his own unique brand of humor be it a vocal or singing impression. He was unique. Gifted. Exceptional. Thanks for reading and thank-you for commenting.


  3. I just finished reading the book you wrote with Danny Gans and I want to say it was one of the best I’ve read in a long time. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend one of his performances and I regret that now. He sounded like a very caring individual. The chapter about his parents death brought a lump in my throat. This was a very well written book and I am recommending it to my friends.

    • Thank-you, Rose. Were you to have had the opportunity to meet Danny, you would have loved him. One of the finest men I’ve ever met. I miss him terribly.

  4. Hey Ron,
    Your links to reading the 1st chapter and buying the book here aren’t working….you are missing out
    on some business….better fix it…

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