The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard ©2022 R.G. Ryan Recently widowed, he sat at a corner table in St. Arbuck's—a good-looking man of middle age with thin hair running to gray, wire-framed glasses, and a neatly trimmed beard. Dressed in Dockers, polo shirt and stylish shoes, to glance at him you'd think he was stopping in for a coffee … Continue reading The Lifeguard

La Petite Princess

(From “Snapshots at St. Arbuck’s Vol 1, ©2008 R.G. Ryan) I sat there at my usual place in St. Arbuck’s experiencing the same empty-headed stupor that had assailed me most of the week, sipping coffee while watching busy people come and go in a kind of spontaneously synchronized rhythm. But even they seemed dull. Nothing … Continue reading La Petite Princess

Always Right

(This story first appeared in “Snapshots at St. Arbuck’s Vol II”) ©2012 R.G. Ryan Singing. I heard singing. Behind me. It was loud enough to compete with the in-store sound system at a typically busy St. Arbuck's on a fall day that felt more like early summer. I turned partway around in my chair to identify the … Continue reading Always Right


Mattie ©2010 R.G. Ryan Mattie will be 80 on his next birthday although at this point he doesn't think he'll live to see it. I was sitting with him last week at St. Arbuck's talking about politics and life in general...and suddenly he wasn't there. Eyes glazed over, head drooping, breathing gone shallow, and on … Continue reading Mattie

Life, One Sip at a Time: Of Trombones and Trajectories

The early morning sun danced over the ocean's surface as blithely as a bride at her wedding reception. Scents of lavender, mixed with a myriad of unrecognizable, exotic tropical smells, filled the air with a potpourri of fragrance enlivening my senses and refreshing my soul. St. Arbuck's in Ka'anapali, on Maui's north shore, was filled … Continue reading Life, One Sip at a Time: Of Trombones and Trajectories