Break The Silence

CL52595This poster adorned the wall in my college dorm room.

There because it so aptly and succinctly expressed the rage and helplessness felt by a generation whose lives were tossed cheaply onto the fire of war.

Fire stoked by greed and political ambition.


April 4th, to be exact.

I was a sophomore.

The day dawned just like every other Thursday.

Before the day was through, Martin Luther King would be dead.

Sixty-three days later, Bobby Kennedy would follow him to an early grave.

Both at the hands of cowardly assassins.

But the bloodshed was only beginning.

August 28th.

The streets of Chicago were painted red with the blood of student activists and counter-culture protesters at the Democratic National Convention.

One hundred-fifty clubbed senseless and over seven hundred arrested.

For eight days the battle raged and in the aftermath, my generation had received a very clear message: you don’t mess with the establishment.

Imposition: To establish or bring about as if by force.

“We the unwilling, led by the unqualified, to do the unnecessary for the ungrateful.”

Let your voice be heard, people.




One thought on “Break The Silence

  1. Excellent. This brought back – so many memories…unfortunately. The Democratic Convention. I worked for a liberal magazine. We didn’t have the technology we have today. So my boss called me from Chicago – and dictated to me live – over the phone his article. I could hear the screams, and gun shots and mayhem live. I’m looking at Ferguson now – and waiting to see copy cat riots in other places.

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