Post-Vox Resurrection

There once was a blogging platform called Vox. Us Voxers had a tight little nurturing and encouraging community. Over time friendships transcended the “cyber” category evolving into deep relationships for some. I mean people actually met each other face-to-face! Can you even imagine such a thing!

But then the parent company decided Vox was no longer viable and with little or no warning pulled the plug resulting in a massive Vox Diaspora. It was as if the fabric of our lives had been rent asunder and there we sat wrapped in the bloody tatters of our grief, too stunned to even react. I know…dramatic. Well, I AM a writer.

I basically haven’t blogged since. I’ve made a few pathetically futile attempts here and there, but it just wasn’t the same. Oh, I’ve continued writing having had several books published in the interim. And I’ve been quite active on various social media platforms (including a Vox Community on Facebook).

All that to say, I have resurrected this WordPress blog in hopes that it will once again bring me into contact with others who share my love/obsession for/with the written word.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you.

The name’s RG.

Nice to meet you.

4 thoughts on “Post-Vox Resurrection

  1. I began blogging in 2008, late arrival to the trend, I know. BLOGGER led me to some good friends who I now still communicate with almost daily. We have not met face to face yet, but we have emailed, and skyped often. I considered them close friends. They know me well. We have laughed, cried and prayed together, as well as challenged one another. Anyway, just agreeing, that the online community can be a very REAL community and I am thankful that you are in it! Susie

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