The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race by R.G. Ryan Originally published in Snapshots At St. Arbuck's Vol 2, Available from   Six a.m. on a mid-summer Sunday morning. I was sitting at a sidewalk table outside a St. Arbuck’s on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood—“WeHo” to the locals—doing a bit of people watching and thinking about … Continue reading The Amazing Race

Fix You

A warm and playful yet insistent breeze stole through the open bedroom window carrying a hitchhiking scent that was at once familiar and foreign. The digital display on my bedside clock read, 10:00 AM. I should have been up two hours ago, but lately all I seem to want to do is sleep, which is … Continue reading Fix You

The Key

Drab, brown woolen coat. A man's overcoat. My size. Discarded. Forgotten. Suspended on a wire hanger. A light sprinkling of dust on the shoulders. I open the coat, running my fingers over the satin lining and luxuriating in the pure pleasure of touch. I come to a bump. Not a bump exactly. Elongated. Metallic. It … Continue reading The Key

Just In Time

there are times this would be one when i seek nothing more than oblivion   no answers to pressing questions no solace from sympathetic lovers merely the vast emptiness to drift on nothingness   there are times i've had my share when pain has been my only companion   stiletto-like fingers piercing white hot agony … Continue reading Just In Time

The Living Years

The floor was sticky. How the fact had managed to escape his attention until now was a mystery. Of course when one was on their hands and knees’ rooting around for one’s dropped eyeglasses the condition of the flooring tended to become disgustingly evident. “Retirement Living,” the gaudy sign had trumpeted on the day he’d … Continue reading The Living Years