The Most Communicable Disease Known To Man

Indulge me for a moment.

  • Start with a mainstream media who, with rare exceptions, have a visceral hatred of Donald Trump.
  • Add to that a DNC desperate to find any possible means to derail Trump’s economy and torpedo his presidency. Why? Because they know Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating him in a head-to-head contest.
  • Introduce a global pandemic, the result of which is widespread, hysteria-driven panic.
  • Advance a narrative that isolation will keep you safe.
  • Enact State and County emergency regulations designed to perpetuate and enforce the isolation.
  • Compromise “official” medical/epidemiological reporting to inflate the rate of infection.
  • Conscript scientific/medical “experts” who reinforce the official narrative while at the same time ignoring the facts.
  • Enlist the aid of social media giants to suppress all dissenting scientific voices—even those once globally acclaimed as being experts in the field of virology and epidemiology—while at the same time fueling the hysteria.
  • Convince the populace that those who disbelieve the narrative are “other,” and are not to be trusted.
  • Foment hysteria wherever possible.

Hysteria—the most communicable disease known to man. And the destruction of freedom is a greater threat than the virus itself. I find the lack of self-respect among liberals and weak-kneed, pusillanimous conservatives staggering. We are allowing government to rewrite the script for our lives. This has to stop!

I want to issue an alert to every person in which beats a heart of conservatism or any liberal with a spine. It’s an alert to refuse the illiberalism of the “new elites.” An alert to the class warfare being force-fed to the “woke” generation. But most of all, an alert to think for yourself. Make your own decisions. As one columnist wrote, “The vaccine for Covid-19 hasn’t been discovered yet, but the antidote to Covid hysteria is within us all: it’s called free will.” RG…out!



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