So, This is Freedom?

So, this is freedom? Seriously?
If you can’t speak your mind, it’s not freedom.
If your thoughts can’t vary from the narrative, it’s not freedom.
If you are afraid to say or do anything that labels you as a conservative for fear of violent, hateful reprisals, it’s not freedom.
If you aren’t allowed to show patriotism, it’s not freedom.
If you can’t travel, go to sporting events, concerts, family celebrations, funerals or church, it’s not freedom.
If you are told when you can and can’t leave your home, it’s not freedom
If you are constantly judged if you don’t display the appropriate amount of fear and hysteria over C-19, it’s not freedom
If you are forced to apologize for being born white, it’s not freedom.
If you are forced to kneel and confess for things you’ve never thought or done but people of YOUR COLOR did…it’s not freedom.
It’s not freedom…it’s fascism!

3 thoughts on “So, This is Freedom?

  1. And here is more of the vitriol and hatred that all sides are spewing. Remember when we used to care enough about other people that we actually considered their opinions with thoughtfulness? Now all we do is rage into our echo chambers and social bubbles until it all overflows into violence.
    Perhaps those who think differently may have a valid point in their thought processes? Maybe we should search for middle ground instead of closing our minds and hurling hatred?
    Case in point: In Japan, they wear a mask when they are sick, not to prevent them from getting sicker, but to protect those around them. In America, masks have become a political symbol and a reason to be angry. They either represent fear or oppression. Neither is accurate.
    Are we too far gone to find middle ground, to step toward each other with open arms instead of weapons?

    • To be fair, the bulk of “vitriol” being spewed is coming from the left. It’s as if people feel completely justified in saying anything the want–regardless of how insulting or defamatory it may be–as long as it’s about those on the right, or their political representatives. I am appalled by the common vulgarity I see used by DEM’s on a regular basis when describing the president or his followers. RE middle ground? I don’t know, my friend. I just don’t know. What I do know is that I have been a “both-sider” for far too long. I’ve made my choice. rg

      • So as a person who is not aligned with either “side”, its amazing to me how both groups have virtually the exact same opinions towards the other. Certain “keywords” are the only thing that identifies which side the person is on, but the claims are all identical about the other group. It used to be that it was ok to disagree with someone. Lately it seems that if someone doesn’t see things the way our tribe sees them, then they are a threat. We deal with threats very differently than we deal with disagreements.
        As for me, I am a neither-sider. What if all this us-vs-them was designed as a distraction to keep us from noticing other things? To keep us focused on fighting each other which makes us easily manipulated and blinded?

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