Leaderless and Rudderless

I think what I find the most disconcerting in this present, inflammatory political atmosphere is the lack of responsibility on the part of, well…anyone. The #BLM movement–debate the merits or lack thereof if you will–is leaderless and rudderless. I’ve been in a boat before that had lost its engine AND rudder. It was not a pleasant experience.
Perhaps one of the core issues driving this dystopian disaster is the fact that we no longer have “leaders.” We have “influencers.”
The difference?
Leaders take responsibility for those who follow.
Influencers merely take note…checking and rechecking social media multiple times per day to calculate the ever burgeoning totals.
When the situation becomes challenging, Leaders step up. Influencers step away.
For those of you who championed the Seattle CHOP, I need for you to understand something: a culture, ANY culture, regardless of how utopian its original intent, will quickly and most often tragically descend into chaos in the absence of strong and decisive leadership.
“But, it was a peaceful gathering.” Well, the family of the young man who died, and the families of the other two young men who were shot would argue that point. Seattle’s mayor most definitely did NOT step up…she stepped away. We are now witness to the tragic results.
Perhaps we can take a lesson here: absent underlying management, all systems eventually descend into chaos.
I have a suggestion…aspire toward and seek out true leadership. Influencers will come and go, but leaders stand beside you during the battle. RG…out!

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